Daniel Turbert is an award winning filmmaker and photographer, and the founder of The Sentient Project.  

Daniel has worked with animal sanctuaries around the world using his photography to help with campaigns, raising awareness, and fundraising efforts.  

The Sentient Project was started in 2017, to share compassionate perspectives through  photography to promote greater awareness for both human rights and for the animals. From civil rights demonstrations to showing the kindness and compassion of animal sanctuaries, the Project has focused on using photography to help remind the world that all beings are sentient and deserve the utmost respect.

Photographs from the Project were chosen for use in a 2018 campaign raising awareness on the cruelty of the dairy industry, and how the public perceives animals differently according to laws rather than the inherent sentience which all animals possess.   The photographs were shown in New York’s Times Square and in the NYC Subway System.

in 2019, Daniel's short documentary about a cattle farm turned animal sanctuary, called Cows Come Home, received numerous awards, including Best Short Documentary by the Anaheim Film Festival and the Social Impact Award at A Show for Change Film Festival.  

Daniel has also spoken at a number of events and participated on panel discussions about photography and social justice issues.  

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