• Dash Meizler

    on December 31, 2019

    Below are some of the products made by the ladies under the project.
    Donate to us today and become part of us.
    For every item you purchase you improve a life or lives of the people under our project

  • Dash Meizler

    on December 31, 2019

    The lady project is a project under Podrska foundation that aims at supporting and uplifting women in both emergency and development sector with the major aim of building a strong and enpowered lady towards self sustainance.

    Women being the focal point and big actor in the development and acknowledgment of children wellbeing, we ensure that the vulnerable women aged 18 years and older are equipped with hand skills which they later use to manufacture various products that are later sold off and funds are invested back to them which they use to uplift their lives and those of their children or family members. So for every product you purchase you uplift someones life.

    When these women are economically empowered it's a way of others to see them as equals in the society therefore addressing gender equality. Educating them increases there access to economic development, productivity and hence giving them mouth piece to voicing out and strengthening their household status since poverty makes them to be seen as property right from birth as they are seen as parents property to when they are married off where husbands taken them up as their properties.

    The project further enrolls HIV+ women and ensures that they get access to basic needs of life besides the medication that they receive from the government. Various projects are put up depending on respective ages since its necessary to focus on underlying causes at each age group. Such as giving girls higher susceptibility and awareness at an early age about HIV, shrinking education gaps and broaden their access to economic opportunities, improving their access to credit.
    Vision statement.
    Vulnerable & HIV+ women living lives they love ingniting their passion to make a positive contribution to the world.

    Our mission statement
    To lead,inspire and mentor women to embrace their purpose, power, value and take responsibility for their relationship through economic empowerment.

    Empowering women to strengthen their household status.

    -Promote women economic empowerment
    -Enhancing women's voice in decision making, leadership and decision making.
    -Ending violence among women and girls
    -Increase women's skills for sustainability as to combat poverty, hunger and diseases hence stimulating development that is extremely sustainable.

    We therefore call upon all kind of individuals, foundations, organisations, companies and religious groups to come join us through your support and education.
    As you all welcome to teach and implement various sustainable programs towards the women's lives.

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