• Dash Meizler

    on January 2, 2020

    The child program is a program under the foundation that works on improving on the effort to support Orphans and Vulnerable Children in vulnerable resource constrained environments i.e. refugee camps, slums, remote areas, Children affected by HIV and AIDS, kids who live in households undergoing dramatic changes, kids in intensified poverty, children undergoing transition to a new household and they be forced to head their own households.
    Kids under such circumstances live in households with higher dependency ratios, experience property dispossession, miss out on opportunities for education, live in households experiencing food insecurity and often experience decreased emotional and psychological well-being due to such dramatic life changes, challenges and losses.
    Our interventions focus on their protection, participation, development and education through providing the basic needs of life such as education, shelter, feeding and ensuring that their rights are respected.
    We run various campaigns and projects under the child program and these include;
    Campaigns :
    anti bullying, addressing depression, stopping drug use, teaching life skills, peace building/conflict resolution.
    Child sponsorship, education, music dance and drama, provision of emergency shelter and feeding.

    We therefore seek for partnerships and support of any kind towards any of our related child projects and campaigns as we work towards improving the children’s lives

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